Block Ads, Fast Safari Browsing

The most powerful content blocker for iOS!

Blocks all kind of ads

Removing adverts, tracking scripts, popups, autoplay videos and other annoying ads

Increases battery life

Increases the battery life of your device dramatically by reducing CPU & network usage

Faster browsing

Handblock boosts 5X page loading times while browsing

No setup needed

Installs directly on Safari and needs no additional setup

Increases performace

Increases the overall performance of your device cause of low memory usage while browsing

Universal support

Supports all devices running iOS9 such iPad, iPhone & iPod touch

What exactly is Handblock?

Handblock is an advanced content blocker for iPhone & iPad running iOS 9 providing the best browsing experience!

It's blocking ads, tracking url's and cookies from Safari and increases up to 5X browsing speed and battery life of your device. Handblock installs directly on Safari for iOS and needs no additional setup.

Enjoy ad-free browsing!